Vera purchased a 4 Bedroom / 4 Bathroom income producing house for $250,000 that was eventually sold for $469,000.

Steve purchased an income producing house for $90,000. Although it was producing income, he wanted to get involved in more deals and decided to sell within 3 months for $150,000.

Eli purchased a condo in Miami for $75,000. After a few moths and $17,000 for renovations, the condo sold for $250,000.

Haim started with a $350,000 budget. His first purchase was for $275,000. After $7,000 in renovation costs and 2 months, his investment property was sold for $415,000. Since his first sale, Haim has purchased 4 more properties.

Ezra wanted to purchase a house as a first time buyer, but was being held back by bad credit and the lack of income documents. After working with our credit restoration team, our mortgage team was able to get him approved through a no document mortgage to purchase his new house that he found with our real estate team.