Our team is comprised of attorneys, paralegals and other associates familiar with law at all three of our locations.

With comfort and limiting risk as two of our primary concerns, we keep our team strong and up to date to not only protect ourselves, but our clients as well.



Although we can't hand you a degree, we will education you enough to understand our process from start to finish. From our initial phone call to your final payout, you will be aware of everything that takes place.



Our management, broker and contracting teams are prepared at all times to take over each investment as it it comes in. From collecting rents to selling for strong profits; From light cleanups to full renovations. Regardless of what is needed, we are ready to control and protect your investment.



Our team will always keep up to date with the latest information.  The world is constantly changing and so is the information. No one can ever know 100% of something, so we continue to expand our knowledge in every field necessary.

Our primary investments are in the Miami real estate market. Title searches and case searches are of the utmost importance to start an investment.  Our in-house research team provides all information needed to make the most educated and timely decisions.

Haim started with a $350,000 budget. His first purchase was for $275,000. After $7,000 in renovation costs and 2 months, his investment property was sold for $415,000. Since his first sale, Haim has purchased 4 more properties.

Ezra wanted to purchase a house as a first time buyer, but was being held back by bad credit and the lack of income documents. After working with our credit restoration team, our mortgage team was able to get him approved through a no document mortgage to purchase his new house that he found with our real estate team.