Broad-based knowledge and skills

We strongly believe in the lack of information that comes with someone who is specialized in their field. Most lawyers are limited to their knowledge of their field of law and lack knowledge of finance. Most accountants and financial advisors are limited to their knowledge of accounting and finance, but lack knowledge of the law outside of their field.

Our team is built with broad-based knowledge. Our goal is to know each other, learn from each other and teach each other. What good is a lawyer if he can't use a calculator? We want all of our team members to be strong assets to ourselves and our clients.

In-house services

Timing and trust are two of our most important offerings to our clients.

Aside from the savings in additional expenses, keeping services in-house saves time at every step of every process.It also prevents our level of trust from ever becoming an issue and

The time saved from our in-house approach allows us more time to communicate and educate our clients and create the best atmosphere possible for their comfort and future.

About Us

Originally, we were a small group of private investors outsourcing work to gain the information needed and complete the tasks required for making and managing our investments.

Over the years, our group has grown into a team with research specialists, brokers, attorneys, contractors and more. No longer is anything outsourced unless it's cost and time effective

Just the idea of investing can be a scary thought. We go above and beyond to not only secure your investment, but to also secure your comfort. We are familiar with the discomfort of dealing with narrow minded professionals and other professionals with limited knowledge outside of their profession.

Out team grows together as we share our knowledge, resources and skills with each other and out clients.

We currently have offices located in New York, Florida and Israel.